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Music lovers, I sincerely hope you read this entire article, share it, and appreciate what is being said here. I have casually mentioned such things for years but never felt heard. This is the truth.

The Trichordist

Recently Emily White, an intern at NPR All Songs Considered and GM of what appears to be her college radio station, wrote a post on the NPR blog in which she acknowledged that while she had 11,000 songs in her music library, she’s only paid for 15 CDs in her life. Our intention is not to embarrass or shame her. We believe young people like Emily White who are fully engaged in the music scene are the artist’s biggest allies. We also believe–for reasons we’ll get into–that she has been been badly misinformed by the Free Culture movement. We only ask the opportunity to present a countervailing viewpoint.


My intention here is not to shame you or embarrass you. I believe you are already on the side of musicians and artists and you are just grappling with how to do the right thing. I applaud your courage in admitting…

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What A Wonderful World

Here’s a little video of Louis Armstrong’s famous “What A Wonderful World.” The song was recorded through Garageband via a USB Snowball mic by Blue and synced up with video shot from my iPhone. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out for more info on what I am up to. Brand new original music coming soon!

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